Amazing ideas for creating a vintage bathroom strive to incorporate a soft, retro look in your bathroom as a way to add glamour in the room.

In this regard, changes like using tiles with layering over marbles can make a huge difference in the overall feel and appearance.

Moreover, ambient light and bathroom fixtures with curves help achieve the perfect vintage bathroom décor. Thus, vintage-inspired details play an important role in adding a touch of elegance in such bathrooms.

vintage bathroom

Fascinating Ideas for Having a Vintage-Inspired Bathroom

  • When planning to create or remodel a vintage bathroom, begin by picking a theme that suits your style. Thus, choose an appropriate color scheme.

    For instance, during the 1930s, bright and bold colors like pink, blue, green and yellow were immensely popular. On the other hand, people preferred pale and neutral colors during 1960s.


  • Coming to the tiles, more often than not, white and black pattern porcelain tiles enhance the beauty of vintage bathrooms. You can go for polished stone tiles as well. As for walls, you can choose white subway tiles and beadboard wainscoting.


  • In terms of lighting, consider using Victorian style lighting fixtures. Wall sconces (frosted glass), Apothecary style lamps and small-scale chandeliers look charming.


  • Adorning your bathroom with vintage bath décor items as per the theme or era you have chosen is one of the most thoughtful ideas that focus on develpoing a classic vintage bathroom.

    antique oval mirror tray for vintage bath

    Flip through numerous images of vintage-style bathrooms featured in magazines and online stores to get inspiration. Plus, visit antique stores, flea markets and garage sales to find something interesting. For instance, you can get the Taymor Antique Oval Mirror Tray (shown above) from Amazon at a price of $34.99.

    It has a 10 by 7-inch metal surface and available in gold or silver finish. The tray can be used for keeping perfume bottles and guest-size toiletries.

    vintage style wall hook for bathroom

    Here’s another interesting accessory, that is, Vintage Metal Rose Style Wall Hook available at a price of $12.95, again at Amazon. It is a nice item, particularly for a pink bathroom.


  • Gold, antique brass and nickel plated hardwares are highly beneficial in accentuating the beauty of a vintage bathroom. Furthermore, you can consider using salvaged wood shelves, metal medicine cabinets, antique chest, and so on for storage option.


  • Opting for an awesome antique bathroom mirror is another interesting idea for enhancing the appearance of a vintage-style bathroom. Besides, you can opt for retro bath rugs, waste baskets, beautiful dusky mauve colored towels, bathroom sign, vintage perfume bottles, etc.

    For example, you can find a set of three assorted decorative guest soaps on Amazon at a price of $7.50. These gorgeous seashell soaps (30 g) from the South of France have a light and pleasing marine aroma.

    seashell soaps for vintage bathroom

    Those who are fond of plants can also get vintage planters for plants. Do not include too many decorative items, though as the room may look crowded and cluttered.


  • Including a single-post pedestal sink and a clawfoot bath tub with decorative feet that are available in various finishes is a wonderful idea that can help create a vintage charm in the bathroom. You can purchase a luxurious cast-iron or acrylic clawfoot tub.


  • Consider getting a wooden toilet seat and lid. As for faucets, look for gorgeous yet old-fashioned whimsical taps.

    clawfoot bath tub in vintage bathgroom

  • Geometric patterns are usually associated with contemporary bathrooms. Nevertheless, you can incorporate this style, to some extent, in order to create a modern vintage bathroom. Clean lines of 1920s style are also fabulous.


  • Interesting ideas for a nice retro bath inspired by 1960s can include fixtures in cream color and a dark shade for flooring. For the rest of the décor, you can incorporate hints of brown, grey, green and yellow.

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