Ideas for creating a Tuscan-style bathroom can transform your bathroom into a luxurious, warm and welcoming retreat. The theme revolves around Italian-inspired elements in the bath décor with a harmonious feel.

It is a simple yet aesthetic décor that is characterized by classic lines, sharp corners, and soft, light ambience. You can incorporate this style through the ceiling, walls, flooring, furniture, and bathroom art.

Ideas for Designing A Tuscan-Style Bathroom

  • Basically, Tuscan-style bathrooms lay emphasis on rustic elements and earthy tones. Thus, it is suggested opt for colors like grey, brown and white.

    Tuscan-style bath decor

    You can also include color combinations of deep red, burgundy, warm gold, creamy yellow, sea green, Mediterranean blue, deep olive, plum, orange, and black.


  • These bathrooms usually have terra cotta, ceramic, or stone tiles. You can also consider glass mosaic. Backsplash can have hand-painted tiles and countertop can be in granite, unpolished marble or limestone. As for the floor, you can use marble or tiles.


  • Impressive ideas for designing Tuscany bathrooms also focus on aged, distressed furniture (can be done with the help of faux painting techniques), rubbed bronze faucets and brushed nickel fixtures. Besides, wrought iron accents give a peaceful, vintage-inspired, rustic appearance. Copper and pewter also coordinate with the style of a Tuscan bathroom.

    use vintage-inspired and wrought iron accents

    Have a look at the Pfister Ashfield Vessel Bathroom Faucet shown above. It features a country pump handle and decorative waterfall spout. This Tuscan bronze faucet with ceramic disc valving is available at Amazon at a price of $166.20 instead of $318.

  • Lighting in Tuscan bathroom design should be soft and subtle. You can select wall sconces or other lighting fixtures in earthy colors.

    Tuscan lighting is supposed to create a calming effect because it is similar to that of sunrise or sunset. You can place the bathroom mirrors strategically so that they reflect more light and make the room appear bright.


  • Coming to bathroom art, you can decorate the room with terra cotta or copper pots, Tuscan countryside scene painting, hand-painted ceramics, Tuscan design shower curtain, and so on.

    In terms of accessories, you can select terra cotta bath rugs, crystal knobs, decorative glass flower vase, rustic iron candlesticks, decorative switch plate cover, etc.

    Tuscany bathroom

  • Displaying a bath sign or Italian sayings in decorative letters is another interesting idea for decorating a Tuscan bathroom. You can use quotes like La Dolce Vita meaning The Sweet Life, Nisciunu è vecchiu pri ‘mparari meaning You’re Never Too Old To Learn, and so on.


  • When choosing a Tuscan-style vanity, look for something in dark wood, for instance, rich mahogany and warm cherry. Glass sink would look elegant on a wooden or wrought iron bath vanity.


  • Another idea for incorporating Tuscan bathroom décor is to go for stencil painting around the mirror or shower. Faux painting techniques such as sponge painting, color washing, etc. can enhance the beauty of the walls and furniture.


  • Open shelving goes well with the Old World Tuscan-inspired bathroom theme. Plus, you can place apothecary jars on the countertop for storing cotton balls, Q-tips, bath salts, etc.


  • Including metal boxes, potted plants, luxurious drapery over the window, travertine soap dish, and having a fluted glass shower door are some other fabulous ideas that can be used to enhance the appeal of a Tuscan bathroom.

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