More often than not, ideas for creating rustic bathrooms are associated with rich brown tones. Rustic bathroom designs can be incorporated through rustic wildlife accessories, tiles, vanities, fixtures, and other aspects of the bathroom.

In addition, you need to choose lighting fixtures, and even switch plates that go well with rustic bath décor. While selecting bathroom fixtures, avoid the ones that seem massive and huge because the design of a rustic bathroom comes out best when the room is spacious.

Rustic bathroom iin earthy tone

Innovative Ideas To Infuse A Rustic Charm In Your Bathroom

  • You can combine earthy brown and beige colors with solid colors such as dark red, black and white. In case you are interested in other colors, use blue, sage green, turquoise or yellow.


  • Design elements can include rustic hardware. Wrought iron is an extremely popular choice in this regard because it can be twisted to form curves and swirls. Moreover, the material is durable and lighter than cast iron.


  • Stone tiles can be used perfectly on walls, floor and backsplash to create a rough, rustic appeal. Thus, you can consider tumbled marble, granite, glazed porcelain, travertine and pebble stone tiles.

    beautifdul rustic bathroom

    Beautiful mosaic tiles can be used in-between. Countertop can be in quartz (engineered stone). Moreover, ideas for designing a nice rustic bathroom lay emphasis on minimalism. Plus, the theme is reflected through simple lines and clean edges.


  • You can enhance the beauty of rustic bathroom décor by using wood furniture with natural or dark brown finish. Consider using dramatic wood paneling, barn-style door, bamboo blinds for windows and bark-edged wooden shelves. You can also decorate the room with rows of wicker baskets for storing bath supplies.


  • Faux painting techniques can be applied on bath furniture to get a rustic look.

    Here’s a video showing how to create a rustic finish on furniture with faux painting.

  • Opting for clawfoot bath tubs is another fantastic idea to consider when aspiring to create a rustic feel in your bathroom. Vintage bathrooms look great with luxurious claw foot tubs and pedestal sinks.


  • You can select a wooden vanity and install a large antique mirror above it.


  • Bath fixtures in copper or bronze to complement the rustic theme. Antique lamps would also look elegant.


  • In small bathrooms, smart ideas to infuse a rustic charm can involve the use of natural elements like wooden toilet seat, toothbrush holder, caddy, antique-style clock, and so on.

    bamboo shower caddy

    For instance, you can find Umbra Shamboo Bamboo Shower Caddy (shown above) on Amazon at a price of $47.98 instead of $55. The 28″ x 5″ x 11″ caddy has three shelves and features stainless steel detail. It can be used in a modern rustic bathroom.


  • Rustic bathroom designs also focus on the inclusion of a window and skylight in the room. Plus, place a potted plant and flower vase filled with fragrant flowers. Select shower curtain in plaid fabric.


  • Give a warm and cozy feel to a rustic bathroom by adopting monochrome theme focusing on dark and light shades of the same color. So, you can play with colors like sand, brown, tan, yellow, beige, burgundy, ochre, copper, auburn, etc. The harmonious hues will make the room look clean and sophisticated.
To get further inspiration and ideas for creating an elegant rustic bathroom, flip through the pages of magazines displaying numerous photos of incredible and eye-catching rustic bathrooms.

Thus, pick up the creative tips and use your mind smartly to come up with practical solutions that can be applied in your bathroom.

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