Gray bathrooms have soothing yet sophisticated appeal. Thus, ideas for designing a gray bathroom emphasize on subtle gray colored walls and matching bath d├ęcor that combine to create a charming effect.

Gray is often associated with simplicity, neutrality, selflessness, sophistication, intellect, maturity, reliability, and purity of thought. On the other hand, this murky color denotes gloominess, pessimism, death and lamentation.

“If I see everything in gray, and in gray all the colors which I experience and which I would like to reproduce, then why should I use any other color? I’ve tried doing so, for it was never my intention to paint only with gray. But in the course of my work I have eliminated one color after another, and what has remained is gray, gray, gray!”

- Alberto Giacomettii

elegant gray bathroom

Interesting Ideas for a Fascinating Gray Bathroom

  • You can use chalkboard paint to incorporate gray color in the bathroom. Consider shades like deep bluish gray, charcoal and taupe. You can use gray color beautifully in a rustic or Tuscan bathroom. Being a neutral color, it can be included in a spa bathroom as well.


  • As gray can be a depressing color when used all over, you can combine it with other tones like red, green, purple, blue, sage green, yellow, orange, brown, etc. Moreover, pink and gray, black and gray, and black, white and gray bathrooms are quite trendy nowadays.


  • Adding a splash of color by way of tinted glass or decorative glass film on the window is a fabulous idea that creating a gray bathroom.

    Gray bathroom

  • You can go for natural stone, mosaic, glass, slate, carrara marble, and pebble stone tiles for walls (especially shower area) and backsplash. Countertop can be in black granite. Flooring can be in marble with gray veining.


  • Ideas and suggestions for grey bathrooms can be combined with appropriate bathroom hardware to create a beautiful contemporary bathroom. Thus, you can choose modern style faucets in chrome finish.


  • Bath vanity and mirror frame can be in gray color. To add colors on wall tiles, you can put wall art stickers. In terms of bathroom fixtures like bath tub, toilet, etc., it is better to stick with usual white.

    wall art stickers in a grey bathroom

  • You can select window shades with matching metallic finish. Wrought iron bathroom furniture and hardware can also be included.


  • Using a glass bead curtain is another wonderful idea to enhance the beauty of a gray bathroom. If it seems too glittery, try a bamboo bead curtain in black or brown color.


  • Accessories and bathroom art in a gray bathroom can be in silver, pearl, oyster, gunmetal, or iron grey shades.

    add accent colors in your gray bathroom

    If there is already too much gray in the room, though, then you can add accent colors by placing colored towels, shower curtain, area rug, tub mat, candles, crystal flower vase, bright colored wall hanging, etc. To remove the gloominess associated with this color, add natural greenery in the room by keeping a miniature rose bush near the window.

  • Ideas that help create perfect gray bathrooms work best in monochrome black and white bathrooms because gray can blend well with both these colors and hence, serve as a great background.

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