Smart idea for building a basement bathroom can help increase the sale value of your house. A basement bathroom does not require a totally furnished basement. While designing such a bathroom though, make sure you have a detailed plan for the room.

Planning the schematic beforehand by understanding the current plumbing system in the basement can help you figure out proper locations for drainage pipe, sump pump system, electrical outlets, bathroom fan, and so on. Needless to say, determine the type of bathroom and major fixtures that you want in the basement.

Basement bathroom

Ideas for Designing Basement Bathrooms

  • Basement bathrooms are better off with showers rather than bath tubs. Plus, you can opt for fiberglass shower enclosure.


  • Going for an up-flushing basement toilet that pumps the water up to an overhead drainage pipe is one of the most popular ideas used in basement bathrooms.


  • Try to place the basement bathroom in line with the plumbing of other bathrooms or kitchen in the house. It can help reduce the cost, to some extent.


  • As a bathroom in a basement is likely to have small space due to low floor to ceiling height, include ambient lighting and choose large mirrors (place them strategically) for the room so that it does not look dark and constricted. You will need general as well as task lighting.

    include ambient lighting a basement bathroom

  • Having a medicine cabinet for keeping emergency medications in the in the basement is another useful idea that can be incorporated for a basement bathroom.


  • A basement bathroom, especially the one with a shower should be equipped with an exhaust fan in order to remove the damp air out of the house. Moreover, unless you are extremely skilled in plumbing and electrical work, it is better to leave these tasks up to a processional to avoid troubles in the future.


  • Basement bathrooms often do not have windows and thus lack in natural light. So, to make the room appear bright, you can opt for light colored walls such as white, yellow, aqua, pink, etc.


  • Consider adding a steam shower unit in the basement bathroom.

    Here’s a video showing how to frame and plumb a basement bathroom.

  • Coming to bathroom storage, do not keep plenty of bathing supplies in a small basement bathroom. Just store the essential toiletries on shelves and in vanity cabinet. You can also get an over the toilet storage unit. Plus, utilize the space under the sink.


  • You can opt for durable marble and tumbled flooring in the basement bathroom. Travertine floor tiles also look elegant. As for walls, you can use semi gloss enamel paint on them. You may consider solid vinyl wallpaper or moisture resistant wallboard as well. Vinyl wallpapers have the ability to withstand moisture and humidity. For finishing, use a sealant containing low polyurethane odor.


  • Ideas for developing basement bathrooms usually lay emphasis on one-wall plumbing layout. Besides, it is suggested to assess the requirements of your local building code and consult your local estate agent to help you make a functional and effective plan.

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